ITSpring 2019 Journal

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Implementing Dual Track Agile: Lessons from the trenches (EN)

Space Agency was formidable in making sure the experience for a Speaker was the most seamless and enjoyable as possible. They got care for all the annoying part of the flights, alocation and commuting from/to airport. They even got the test of having a Speaker’s Flight canceled on the eve and I could feel that they were there with me, backing me up to ensure I got there giving me all the possible options. The best came when I got to the hotel and I found a postcard, hand written welcoming me with all the information I needed. Nothing bad to point-out! If you are a speaker, you should definitely consider this event.

This time I tried a new talk completely around Dual-Track in Product Development, supported by practical examples of the failures and learnings I ‘ve capturing through out my teams that started doing Product Discovery.

Chris Long (3 Stages of Growth) – My take-away was the importance of managing the intent of our customers, so he is engaged with our value proposition. He have sound examples behind shopify strategy, where the first step was to create a need (a new intend) for someone that didn’t know what he was capable to. In their case, create a business for something he was passionate – and with Shopify off course.

Leonardo Bittencourt (My SAFe logbook: Records from 3+ years helping financial organisations to adopt SAFe) introduced SAFe as a complex framework that should be used for complex environments. We pointed out some wrong perceptions on its misuse like use it a framework, and not as a step-by-step blind methodology. Actually, this can be applied to all the frameworks..

Bart den Haak (The OKR Commitment Square) shared his views on a winning strategy to apply OKRs in any company. He have sound examples of his experience in tough customers and guided us on his approach. My takeaway: it’s not easy, requires a everyday 1min time but at the end, it guarantees an alignment (and purpose) top-down the company.

Didn’t have the time to watch all talks (there were two simultaneous tracks) but I will surely watch over the slide-decks and video coverage once they are available.

The audience was eager for content, very often I got into conversations around practical cases and challenges we all have in our organizations. Another evidence that agility and building product challenges are everywhere and not surprisingly are pretty much the same.