About me

I’m a Product leader specialized in enterprise software, marketplaces, low-code/RAD, app development, and engineering/product practices. 

I have proven experience in high-paced product companies (1$B as Jumia and OutSystem) where my job was to 1) meet the expectation of delivering an impactful product, and 2) lead a sustainable growth for the Product Practice. All while in hyper-growth.

As a product manager I’m used to: develop a product vision and strategy, translating that into practical roadmaps aligned to organizational and business priorities; partner with design and research teams to build great user interfaces and experiences; build strong relationships and communicating effectively to influence a broad range of stakeholders for consensus on priorities.

As a manager/change enabler, I’m used to: evangelize a product culture that is business-goal oriented based on data/subjective evidence; build cross-functional and nurture product teams from the scratch; mentor, and manage product managers.

I succeed through leadership-by-example, empathy,  a constant zoom-in and zoom-out on the strategy, grit, an effective and streamlined narrative, and asking/giving autonomy with clear constraints.

My LinkedIn page for extended details.

Why this blog

This is my digital space where I share the learning from my failures and my thoughts of my everyday whereabouts. I want to give something back and at same time keen for feedback for pushing myself forward. And I also noticed, that I digest things better when writing them down.

Connect to share, discuss or call for speaking about common struggles in product management, digital transformation, Low-Code, RAD, high-productivity, incremental learning, engineering-ways-of-working, and any trend that can shape the world of tomorrow and make the lives of people better. So, don’t be shy and send me an e-mail.


The name comes from the idea that visual models help to collected and structure the flow of information on my head and when I’m sharing it with someone. Even if is on a napkin back while taking lunch with a friend.

Feel free to use my sketches for business, education or personal needs, but I request you to keep the link to my blog.

Thank you