Aginext 2019 London

This year I was very fortunate to attend and speak at Aginext 2019 in London. My talk was especially focused on how the Product Teams at OutSystems is adopting Modern Product Management where the teams are starting to work in Dual Track Agile with concurrent discovery and delivery tracks (highly inspired in Lean Startup or … Continue reading Aginext 2019 London

Productized 2018

Today I attended Productized Conference 2018 in Lisbon and, once again, I left the building inspired by a bunch of great talks. Today from Melissa Perri, Tanya Aulachynskaya, Marty Cagan and Justin Bauer (just to name a few).   Some of the mine main takeaways     Melissa Perri took off by pointing out the … Continue reading Productized 2018