The untold truth about Empowered Teams

Why companies filled with top talent and brilliant ideas struggle to innovate or simply move faster? Why does amazing talent leave? Simple: Lack of alignment and lack of autonomy. Without full alignment and team empowerment, a company will not be able to make good decisions and execute quickly. According to Harvard Review Business "One-third of all products … Continue reading The untold truth about Empowered Teams

Productized 2018

Today I attended Productized Conference 2018 in Lisbon and, once again, I left the building inspired by a bunch of great talks. Today from Melissa Perri, Tanya Aulachynskaya, Marty Cagan and Justin Bauer (just to name a few).   Some of the mine main takeaways     Melissa Perri took off by pointing out the … Continue reading Productized 2018